The Virtual Piano

This is an extraordinarily fun experience playing the piano. Who would think before that you can play the piano on the internet? This is amazing. From a person who actually experience it? It’s an experience that I will really treasure. The application features a single scale of the piano key, simply, the keys from Do down to the other Do, to those who are not very familiar with the music.

It also features the flat notes, the ones with the black keys. You can actually play music using this application. You will be able to produce the sound of each key by using the keyboard, specifically the letters from Q up to P and the last key is the letter L. You can play a simple music using this online keyboard.

The Amazing Thing about It?

This virtual piano has a feature that allows the keyboard player to record the notes that he is playing. Allowing him to hear the recording and be able to determine whether he was able to create what he was supposed to. This will be a revolutionized how the piano is played. It’s not about studying the notes on paper and playing it perfectly on the keyboard or piano. Now, you can study and play the piano at the same time. One more feature about this application is the four beats that you can select to go along with what you are playing on the keyboards. You will be able to create an upbeat version of your music using these four types of beats.

Although the most keyboard artist prefers playing the real thing. I guess, the novice piano player will be able to appreciate this because of its modern presentation, merging music and the internet is quite new and has never been done before, so if you want to study music and learn playing it, why not use this application. Who knows, you can be playing a masterpiece in no time.